What do we do?

We provide a number of specific services - some of which are offered throughout the year and other services are dependent on availability.


A consultation or an assessment is usually provided by a staff member in conjunction with one of our psychiatrists.  This involves gathering information about the problem and discussing with you (and your family [with your permission]) treatment options that may be available inside the clinic or outside of the clinic.  A consultation is usually 60 - 90 minutes in duration.

We do not provide insurance, disability, parenting capacity, late onset psychiatric disorders, brain injury services, primary substance abuse disorder, primary eating disorders treatment, or forensic consultations/assessments.

Evidence-Based Treatment:

Evidence-based treatment are treatments that have been researched and compared to a 'sham' treatment.  Most talk-based mental health treatments that are evidence-based are typically those that have been called behavioral/cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT) - which means focusing on emotions, actions, and thoughts as a way to break the control of depression and anxiety symptoms. Our service is also involved occasionally in testing new and innovative ways of conducting treatment.  The majority of our talk-based treatments occur within a group.  Some patients may require ongoing case/care management services which are also provided as needed.

Early Psychosis Intervention [EPI] (ages 14-35)

Individuals who have a new onset of unusual perceptual experiences (i.e. auditory hallucinations, unusual beliefs, and disorganized actions) and have had less than 6 months of treatment with antipsychotic medications.  People requiring these services are rapidly triaged with a target of being seen within 10 days of referral.

Transition Age Based Care (ages 16-25):

We provide specific services to individual who moving into young adulthood who have previously had mental health services as children, have not had treatment yet, or those who have complex and difficult problems making a transition to adult services challenging.  We provide specific assessment and treatment services for this age group.

Adult Services (ages 16-65):

Adult mental health services begin for people age 16 who do not meet criteria for Transition Age treatment or early psychosis intervention.  All services begin with a consultation to collaboratively determine what the problem may be and then to assist in figuring